Chat Offences (Mutes)
Severity 1Severity 2Severity 3
1st Offence: 30 Minutes2nd Offence: 12 Hours3rd Offence: 1 Day4th Offence: 2 Days5th+ Offence: 3 Days1st Offence: 2 Days2nd Offence: 4 Days3rd Offence: 5 Days4th Offence: 7 Days5th+ Offence: 14 Days1st Offence: Permanent
Gameplay Offences (Bans)
Severity 1Severity 2Severity 3
1st Offence: 1 Hour2nd Offence: 2 Hours3rd Offence: 3 Hours4th Offence: 4 Hours5th+ Offence: 5 Hours1st Offence: 6 Hours2nd Offence: 12 Hours3rd Offence: 1 Day4th Offence: 2 Days5th+ Offence: 4 Days1st Offence: 7 Days2nd Offence: 14 Days3rd Offence: 21 Days4th Offence: 28 Days5th+ Offence: Permanent
Client Modification Offences (Bans)
Severity 1Severity 2Severity 3
1st Offence: 2 Days2nd Offence: 4 Days3rd Offence: 6 Days4th Offence: 8 Days5th+ Offence: 10 Days1st Offence: 7 Days2nd Offence: 14 Days3rd Offence: 21 Days4th Offence: 28 Days5th+ Offence: Permanent1st Offence: 30 Days2nd Offence: 60 Days3rd+ Offence: Permanent


Offence and DescriptionExamplesSeverity and Notes
SpammingSending three or more similar messages within the chat box or in a short period of time. This includes countdowns.User:MSG1: Come to my shop!MSG2: Come to my shop!!MSG3: Come to my shop plz!User:MSG1: Skin competition in 3!MSG2: 2MSG3: 1MSG4: GO!Severity 1Warning Required
Group SpamPlayer sends a message that is intended to participate in spam, after staff have warned everyone verbally not to participate in the group spam.This punishment is also used for players who reply to players who have Encouraged Group Spam.User1: Let’s spam! #RebelUser2: Let’s spam! #RebelUser3: Let’s spam! #RebelUser4: Let’s spam! #Rebel*Replying to a player who Encouraged Group Spam:*User1: 123User2: 123User3: 123!!!Severity 1Warning RequiredReported Group Spam does not require a verbal warning before punishment.
Excessive Use of CAPSExcessive use of capitalized words in a message.Capitalizing 5 or more words in a message.User: OMG YOU JUST LOST A MATCH OF SURVIVAL GAMES?!Severity 1Warning Required
Character SpamSending 2 or more messages with multiple unnecessary characters, making the message long and annoying.User: Noooooooooooooooooo!User: Whyyyyyyyy did uuuuu kill meeee?!!!Severity 1Warning Required
Abuse of Another User/DisrespectBeing intentionally abusive and disrespectful towards other players.User: stfu, I hate you!User: Fuck you retard!Severity 1Warning Required
Excessive AccusationsRepeatedly accusing someone of hacking, scamming, ddossing, doxing or breaking the rules, after being asked to stop.Telling staff members to spectate a hacker is allowed, as this isn’t excessive.User: cyberstacker, he lies!STAFF: Scamming is allowed on Prison.User: cyberstacker hewill take your money!!User: Guys, cyberstacker is a pathetic scammer!Severity 1Warning Required
ArgumentsConstant arguing in public chat or in private messages to a staff member.N/ASeverity 1Warning Required
Fake MessagesSending fake messages in an attempt to trick players.User: [Legend]Ben has joined the server!User: You have received $1000 from user Ben!Severity 1Warning Required
Discussing Unapproved DealsTalking about an unapproved IRL deal or trade in public chat.Only trades that include web store items and in-game items are allowed.User: I’m selling my inventory for $50 USD PayPal! Msg me!User: Selling my Minecraft account! Message me offers!Severity 1Warning Required
Unrelated LinksSending links that aren’t related to MCCentral in public chat.User: Check out my Instagram! [Link]Links to any Discord servers that aren’t the official Discord Servers of MCCentral.Severity 1Warning Required
Staff TrollingKnowingly wasting a staff member’s time by asking them questions or nagging them about non-staff related matters.User: Hey staff, please tp, I need help!User: Lol, just joking! Could you rate my plot though?Severity 1Warning Required
Impersonating Staff MembersPretending to be a member of staff, with for example fake staff tags.User: [Helper]Ben: Hey! I’m staff now!Severity 1
Excessive Inappropriate LanguageUsing 3 or more cuss words in a message.N/ASeverity 1
Bypassing Chat FilterFinding a way to bypass the chat filter.Bypassing slurs is a Severity 2 offence.Quoting these words is also punishable.You can see if a word is blacklisted by using /BlacklistCheck [Word]. Any alternative forms of the word are not allowed, including plural and partially censored forms.Severity 1
Encouraging SpamInstructing or encouraging users to spam message(s) in public chat.User1: Say 123 if you love MCC!User2: 123User3: 123User4: 123Severity 1
Inappropriate LinksSending offensive or inappropriate links in chat.Links to sexual, racist or disturbing websites.Links to hacked clients and their download pages.Severity 2
Racial/Religious/Political DisputesArguing over race, religion or politics in public chat.User1: <Name> is a better politician!User2: Nah, <Name> is!User: Religions are all dumb!Severity 2
Slurs/DiscriminationUsing racist/derogatory words and discriminating people.N/ASeverity 2
Explicit ConversationTalking about inappropriate or explicit topics.Talking about sexual topics.Talking about terrorism in a positive light.Severity 2
Death Threats or Wishes / Encouraging Suicide / Encouraging Self-HarmPutting death threats on other players or wishing for them to die.Encouraging other players to go hurt themselves in real life or encouraging suicidal acts.N/ASeverity 2Not punishable if the message is clearly talking about an in-game death.
Chat FloodingSending several messages in chat (5+) in chat causing it to flood chat with a user’s message(s).The activity of the chat and the context of the messages can be taken into consideration when issuing the punishment.User: My plot is amazing!!User: Have youUser: seenUser: my plotUser: yet?!Severity 2
AdvertisingSharing the IP address, the website address, TeamSpeak 3 IP, Discord link or web store link (etc.) of another server. Advertising with fake IPs or addresses is also punishable. Sending an IP in private messages is allowed if the other player has requested for it.If a user accidentally pastes a server IP in chat or gets tricked into saying an IP, they can appeal it after 1 month.User: Join this great server: <IP>!User: Here’s the link to <Server>’s website: <Website>User: <IP>Severity 3Can be appealed in 6 months after the mute.
SpambotA large amount of users quickly spamming the server chat.Can also be when a single user sends a message of hacked client spam.N/ASeverity 3 + IP Ban
Hacked Client SpamSending a message that is caused by a hacked client spam-advertising itself.User: I use Christmas Client v2User: I use Christmas Client v2User: I use Christmas Client v2Severity 3 + Severity 3 Client Modification Ban
PhishingTrying to compromise personal information or accounts with for example phishing links.User: Visit <Link> to get your free cape! Just enter your account details.Severity 3Can be appealed in 6 months after the mute.
Leaking Personal InformationSending personal information of a user. These may include full name, address, IP address or login information to accounts. Leaking fake personal information is also punishable.Also punishable if the personal information is sent to the user whose information it is. Sharing your own information in public chat is also punishable unless proven or widely known that it is yours.User: The IP of User2 is <IP>!!!User1 in PMs to User2: User2, I have your address: <Address>! Nice, huh?Severity 3Can be appealed in 6 months after the mute.
Excessive Chat OffencesHaving 40 or more Chat Offences or Warnings combined.Only warnings and mutes within the last 2 years count towards this limit.After being unmuted, the player is allowed to have 15 Chat Offences or Warnings before being muted again for Excessive Chat Offences.N/ASeverity 3Can be appealed in 6 months after the mute.


Offence and DescriptionExamplesSeverity and Notes
Map ExploitingExploiting the design of a map to give oneself an unfair advantage over others.User finds a way to escape a Minigame map.Severity 1
Bug Exploiting (Minor)Abuse of plugins/ features to gain an unfair advantage over others.User finds a way to get out of combat tag early.User glitches through a door or trapdoor.User glitch-breaks a block that they aren’t supposed to break.User freezes/lags their game while falling into the void on Skywars to prevent dying.Severity 1
Chat / Gameplay TrollingInstructing players to do things that result in an unexpected outcome in gameplay.User: Press Alt + F4 to get speed boost on Survival server!User: Don’t do /payMr__chibi -1000!!! It’s taking all my money!User: Say the IP to another server to get $10 million!Severity 1Gameplay Trolling with the /pay scam is allowed on Prison and Factions.
Command SpamSpamming commands so that there are 3 or more messages sent in the chat.User is Legend rank and logs in and out to spam with the join announcement.User spams the /pay command.Severity 1
Obstruction of ServerPurposely blocking the operation of the server or staff. This includes disobeying the instructions of a staff member.This punishment is not limited to the examples on the right.Auction House rules:- Allowed to have up to 5 items which advertise a plot or an island. If there are more, the extra ones get removed by staff.- No items which are meant to scam others. (Allowed on Prison and Factions).- No inappropriate items.User continues to disrupt staff when staff is trying to do an important staff action.User continues to build inappropriate builds after plot clear.User fills the hopper system of another player with junk, in order to block the system from working. (Allowed on Prison).User continues to break the Auction House rules even after a warning.Severity 2
Physical Obstruction of OthersPurposely, and physically blocking another user as a disruption.User stands in the way when another player tries to build their base.Severity 2
Teaming / Cross TeamingTeaming with another player or players in solo mode.ORTeaming with a player who belongs to another team in team mode.Punishable in these Minigames:- (Team) Skywars- Team CakeWars- Ultra Hardcore- Capture the Flag (see special description *)User1 joins up with User2 in a solo game and stays with them until deathmatch.Capture the Flag:Punishable on CTF only if a user is holding the other team’s flag in order to prevent their own team from winning.Severity 2Teaming is allowed if there are only 2 players left (no more than that) in the game, as it doesn’t affect the gameplay at that point.
Team KillingIntentionally killing members of the same team in Minigames or Ultra Hardcore (UHC).User1 mines blocks under User2, resulting in User2’s death. User1 and User2 are in the same team on TSW.Severity 2
Inappropriate BuildsCreating a build to offend another player or generally offensive, explicit or racial builds.Inappropriate faction base art is also punishable.N/ASeverity 2Punishable if the creator of the build can be traced. (With logs, video recording etc.)
Mute BypassFinding a way to bypass a mute in public chat or private messages.Talking through signs or items is allowed.N/ASeverity 2
Abuse of /ChatreportUsing the Chatreport system as a joke or using it repeatedly for submitting non-chat offenses by a user.N/ASeverity 2
Ghosting (Ultra Hardcore)Being a spectator in UHC and giving an unfair advantage to a player who is alive in the match. Staff have to record the incident.Both the player who is spectating and the player who benefits from it will be punished.A spectating user tells what gear another user has or their location to a player who is alive in the match.User tells the location of a desert temple or another useful place where they can get equipment from.Severity 2
ScammingTricking someone into thinking something other than what was intended.User1 and User2 made a deal of trading 10 golden carrots for $100 in-game on Skyblock. User1 gives the carrots, but User2 teleports away.User blocks the view of a ChestShop with another ChestShop, resulting in an unintended purchase.Severity 3Scamming is allowed on Prison and Factions! 
Death TrappingTricking users into dying or into entering a trap which leads to their in-game death.User1 teleports to User2, and falls into a trap.User creates a piston trap which pushes players to their death.Severity 3Death Trapping is allowed on Prison and Factions!
GriefingPurposely destroying the builds of other users or stealing items without permission.User1 destroys the plot of User2 on Creative.User steals items from the island of another player.Severity 3Griefing is allowed on Prison and Factions!
Bug Exploiting (Severe)Abuse of plugins/ features to gain an unfair advantage over others.User finds a way to spawn in items or money unlimitedly.Severity 3
Account GrindingUsing other accounts to farm kills, stats or money etc.All players who are involved in the Account Grinding will be punished.User logs in with an alternate account and kills it repeatedly to gain money on KitPvP.Severity 3
Creating Lag or Crashing the ServerIntentionally creating lag or causing a crash.N/ASeverity 3
DDoS Threats / Rat Threats / DOX Threats / Swat ThreatsThreatening to DDoS / Rat / DOX / Swat a player.Joking about this topic is not tolerated! Even threats made as a joke can lead to a punishment!Also punishable if done in-game on signs and if a staff member witnesses the placing of the signs.Severity 3Can only be witnessed by staff or reported with /Chatreport.  
Completing Unapproved DealsTrading something other than in-game goods or web store items.User1 buys User2’s balance of $50 million on Prison for $20 USD.User trades a set of armour on KitPvP for a Minecraft account.Severity 3


Offence and DescriptionExamplesSeverity and Notes
Unapproved Client ModificationUse of any client modification which is not on our approved modifications list.Minimap mod showing the locations of players and/or caves.Severity 1
Macros / ScriptingUsing macros other than for use of chatting or other aesthetic purposes.Using a script that runs a command in a pattern. (For example scripting kits or AutoSelling).User has a macro for the /fix all command.User has a macro to disconnect from the server when low on health.User is scripting kits on KitPvP.Severity 2
Using BreadcrumbsUse of the breadcrumbs feature of a modification.User has a modification which allows them to see the path of entities or TNT.Severity 2
Any Use of a Hacked ClientUsing any hacked client. Having a hacked client is enough for a ban, no hacks need to be enabled.(Fake) Hacks in ScreenshotsIf a player has a watermark of a hacked client or a text such as “KillAura enabled” on their screen, they can be banned, even if the text is from another modification.N/ASeverity 3
AutoclickingUsing an external program or macro to increase your click speed / clicks per second.N/ASeverity 3Players have to be screenshared by staff before a ban for Autoclicking in PvP. (Screensharing does not apply to mob farm autoclicking.)
X-RayAny use of x-ray whether it’s a part of an illegal modification, hacked client or texture pack.
Also punishable if found in a screenshare in the Minecraft folder, even if it wasn’t currently in use.
N/ASeverity 3
AutoFishingAny use of AutoFishing whether it’s part of an illegal modification or a hacked client.N/ASeverity 3
Hacks Found in a ScreenshareA staff member discovers active use of a hacked client on MCCentral during the screenshare or directly prior to the screenshare.N/ASeverity 3Players are allowed to record a screenshare that is conducted on them, in order to protect themselves, but they are not allowed to share the video with non-staff.
Refusal to ScreenshareUser refuses to join Discord for screensharing or disobeys the staff member during the screenshare.Modifying Files While FrozenLogging out while frozen or during screenshareN/ASeverity 3Players have up to 5 minutes to join the Screenshare Discord after being frozen in-game.Only a staff member can issue any sort of punishments when it comes to screensharing. A regular user cannot use this rule against another player to get them banned.


Offence and DescriptionExamplesSeverity and Notes
DDoSing / DOXingDDoSing or DOXing other members of the community.Compiling and publishing private or identifying information about an individual in any way with a malicious intent.Full Blacklist
Mute EvadingHaving three (or more) accounts muted on the server simultaneously under the same IP.N/AIP BanCan be appealed in 6 months after the IP Ban.Please see the thread in FAQ forums for information regarding public/shared accounts and IP Bans.
Ban EvadingHaving two (or more) accounts banned on the server simultaneously under the same IP, for any of the following offences:* Severity 3 Gameplay Offences* Severity 2 Client Modification Offences* Severity 3 Client Modification Offences* Insiding on FactionsN/AIP BanCan be appealed in 6 months after the IP Ban.Please see the thread in FAQ forums for information regarding public/shared accounts and IP Bans.
IP Ban EvadingLogging in with another IP address in order to evade an existing IP Ban.N/AIP Ban + Permanent BanCan be appealed in 6 months after the IP Ban.Please see the thread in FAQ forums for information regarding public/shared accounts and IP Bans.
TPA SpammingSpamming teleport requests to another player.User: /tpa User2User: /tpa User2User: /tpa User2TPA TempbanBans the user from using any teleport commands for 2 days.
Auto SellingUsing the /sell command to gain an unfair advantage over others, for example using the command with a macro/hotkey or as a script.User has a script that runs the /sell command every 3 seconds.User has a macro, so that when they click a key on their keyboard, it automatically uses the /sell command.Sell RevokeRevokes the access to the /sell command permanently.Can be appealed in 1 month after being issued.
Insiding on FactionsTaking valuable items from the faction that you are in.User takes all of the Iron Golem spawners of their faction and leaves the faction.User takes the Harvest Hoes of their own faction and gives them to an enemy faction.Temporary BanThe ban expires after the ongoing Factions season has ended.
Inappropriate/Offensive Username or SkinHaving a username or skin that is offensive, inappropriate or racial. Includes usernames that have a blacklisted word in them.Having a username that is similar to current staff and using it for malicious intent is also punishable.N/APermanent BanCan be appealed after changing the username or skin.If the user does it again, the ban can only be appealed after 6 months.